Short Stories

Some of you have asked where my stories can be found. 
So here  is the definitive list.

In Print Anthologies (which means you have to buy them):
- 'The Gift of the Bouda' appears in The Beast Within from Graveside Tales
- 'BEKs' appears in Abominations from Shroud Publishing
- 'The Sacrifices of Automated Tabulation' appears in the 'Cover of Darkness',
- The Long Road to Sanctum, appears in 'The Beast Within 2, Predator and Prey.'

In Ipod Aps (which cost and are cool):
 - 'The Sacrifices of Automated Tabulation', in issue Seven of Steam Punk Tales

In Online Magazines (which means they are free):
- 'Dougie's Hand', in the Spring 2010 issue of Rose and Thorn
- 'Party Favors', in the Jan 2008 issue 23 of Thuglit 
- 'Succumbing to Gravity (the Short Story) in the Feb 2008 issue of Nossa Morte.
- 'Outsourcing Blues', in the May 2007 issue (Seven) of Atomjack .