Friday, July 1, 2011

Me and Joe

I visited the town of Gori, Georgia last week and stopped by the
Joseph Stalin Museum.

Something that I didn't really appreciate before coming to Georgia was that Stalin was from Gori, born Loseb Jugashvili.(aka Koba)

The Stalin memorial has a nice park, a big museum and the house in which he was born. The rather modest house of a nineteenth century Georgian cobbler has had this elaborate columned structure
(reminding me a bit of the Parthenon) erected around it.

Incongruity personified.

The museum is chock full of Stalin-memorabilia, knowledgeable staff (some of whom speak English for the tour).

No deep thoughts about one of the more infamous premiers in history, just a comment on the landmark.
And no, not much progress on the NIP.

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